April Gardening Tips

Monday, January 20, 2014 by

Advice for Zone 5 Gardeners If the ground has thawed, divide and replant perennials, such as asters, bee balm, and hostas. Plant roses and lily bulbs. When the ground is warm and dry, transplant early tomatoes outdoors, inside protective Wallo’Waters. Seed a second crop of lettuce (start the seeds indoors or sow them directly in the garden). Sow spinach in the garden to get tender leaves before the weather warms. Information courtesy  –...

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Spring Walking Group

Friday, January 17, 2014 by

Join us! Exercise is so important and Klehm is the ideal place to take an early morning walk.  This spring, join Dawn for an informal daytime walk.  When the weather gets a bit warmer, we will be out walking the paved paths before work.  If you want to take advantage of a group walk every morning, you are welcome to join us and other patrons.  Exercise, good conversation and a peaceful environment.  What a better way to start your mornings?  Afterward, stick around to enjoy the fragrant garden blooms or volunteer your time to help keep the grounds well-maintained.  Once the temperature rises a bit we will start.  This would be a good time to purchase a membership if you have been putting it off.  Watch for updates on time and start date. Members:...

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February Garden Tips

Wednesday, January 1, 2014 by

* Order perennial plants and bulbs now for cut flowers this summer. Particularly good choices are phlox, daisies, coreopsis, asters and lilies. * Check stored bulbs, tubers and corms. Discard any that are soft or diseased. * Don’t remove mulch from perennials too early. A warm day may make you think spring is almost here but there may be more cold weather yet to come. * Order gladiolus corms now for planting later in the spring after all danger of frost has passed. Locate in full sun in wel ldrained soil. * Branches of forsythia, pussy willow, quince, spirea, and dogwood can be forced for indoor bloom. Make long, slanted cuts when collecting the branches and place the stems in a vase of water. Change the water every four days. They should bloom in...

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