Summer Photo Contest Winners

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 by

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Summer 2012: Amateur Photography Contest.  The winner have been selected.  Don’t forget our award ceremony is this Sunday at noon, and everyone is invited.


Summer 2012 Winners


Nature Close-Up

First Place - Wendy Guler, Nature Close-up 2

Second Place – Jessica Throgmartin, Nature Close-up 1

Honorable Mention – Elizabeth Zibas, Nature Close-up 2 


Life at Klehm

First Place - Tom Lamb, Life at Klehm 1

Second Place - Nancy Hatten, Life at Klehm 2

Honorable Mention - Troy Volanti, Life at Klehm 2


Arboretum Trees & Paths

First Place - Duane Lego, Arboretum Trees & Paths 1

Second Place - Troy Volanti, Arboretum Trees & Paths 1

Honorable Mention - Diane Lamb, Arboretum Trees & Paths 2



First Place - Michael Cieslak, Gardens 1

Second Place - Millicent Fleer, Gardens 2

Honorable Mention - Wendy Guler, Gardens 2


People’s Choice

Les Morgan, Nature Close-up 2


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