Fall & Winter Greens

Thursday, August 2, 2012 by

Article by National Gardening Bureau, Inc. When the trees begin to show fall colors, your garden can too. Unless you live in a mild winter climate, you may not have thought about planting for a fall harvest that can continue even into the winter. Now is that time to plan for fall planting. For fall harvests you can start everything from seed sown directly in the garden. Great Greens Do you enjoy salad and other greens fresh from the garden? In season, they are fabulous, especially cut-and-come-again greens like leaf lettuces, arugula, mustard and others. For what you would pay for two weeks worth of salad greens for a family of four, you can buy more than enough seed to keep you in salad all fall and well into winter. Look for greens that you...

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