Common Gardening Myths

Sunday, July 22, 2012 by

National Garden Bureau, Inc. Busting Common Gardening Myths?   As diligent as you might be about heeding all the gardening tips you’ve heard over the years, are there some that you simply question their value? You wonder if maybe grandma’s advice really was the best? Or maybe has become outdated? We did! So, we turned to our members and asked for their professional expertise on a few commonly cited garden tips to find out if they were still applicable in today’s gardening world.  So, here goes: Myth: Pinch the seed pod off if the onion goes to seed. Busted!: Years ago that was a common practice because older (heirloom) varieties were prone to bolting. In today’s world with newer hybrids, if you pinch the seed pod off immediately it will keep the center...

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