Consider a Pollinator-Friendly Garden

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Consider a Pollinator-Friendly Garden

Tips for Creating a Pollinator-Friendly Garden

Article by the Nation Garden Bureau

Every year in June, there is one week designated as National Pollinator Week. In an effort to perpetuate such a great cause, National Garden Bureau offers help in planning a pollinator-friendly garden.

Pollinators can include bees, hummingbirds, butterflies, bats and beetles. The first three are the most popular pollinators when it comes to gardening, and there are great resources for choosing flowers and plants for those three.

The non-profit group, Pollinator Partnership, has a very informative, easy-to-use tool on their website that allows you to enter your zip code to generate an area-specific planting guide that will help you create a pollinator-friendly garden.

In addition to simply creating a pollinator-friendly garden, anyone can take it one step further and create a Certified Wildlife habitat by following these simple steps as per the National Wildlife Federation.

It’s a perfect time to plan your pollinator-friendly garden. Pollinators positively effect all our lives so let’s help them in any way we can!

Read the original article for more information and resources.

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